When life is good it may be hard to see the value of trying to understand God or make changes in your life. Most people come to a point in life, or many points, when we ask existential questions: is this all there is? Why do I still feel empty? What happens when we die? If there is nothing else does is my life really meaningful at all? God isn't only a fix for the times when we know we need something beyond ourselves, but sometimes it takes a crisis or a deep, nagging longing for us to become aware of our need. It is absolutely possible to live a good life and even a satisfying life apart from God so when our lives are good, what is the point of adding God to the mix? There are so many reasons, let me offer a few:

God is love. It may not always look this way but people who commit to following Jesus are supposed to be known for the way we love one another and we are supposed to love this way because of the way God loves us. In a busy world where so many other things can take center stage this is what should give the most shape to our lives: the way we love. And we grow in our understanding and expressions of loving God and others well because above all God is like this. Above all, when we live and love the way Jesus did we are most fully alive.

God is a bringer of peace. Whether life gets harder or even better than it is now making that journey with God brings a "peace that surpasses all understanding that will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:4). There is something about God's presence and our trust that somehow we will get through this difficulty that allows us to hold on to a sense of peace even through difficult circumstances. This is different than blind optimism or denial of reality because there is recognition that a situation might not change but having the peace God promises is not dependent upon external factors.

God is a bringer of wholeness. There are many things that are broken in our world and God desires that they would be made right, made whole. This goes beyond a fleeting peace or absence of conflict; this wholeness is like a symphony where all parts are played skillfully and in tune with each other. We have an opportunity to be made whole and then participate in bringing more and more wholeness into our world as we live with the wholeness God brings about. What would that look like? Being honorable and trustworthy in our lives, helping those around us without expecting repayment, purchasing fair trade or local products to support the lives of those who feed and clothe us, working diligently, being kind and patient, listening well to others.

When life is good, it is easy to extend love peace and wholeness to others and it's easier to thoughtfully implement small changes that can make a huge difference in your life and the lives of others.